Fitsum Tariku

Application of hygrothermal analyses to optimize exterior wall designFitsum Tariku
Variations in the hygrothermal properties of several wood-based building productsFitsum Tariku
Application of modeling tool to assess moisture and thermal performance of retrofitted wall assembliesFitsum Tariku
Assessment of building retrofit options using hygrothermal analysis toolFitsum Tariku
Hygrothermal modeling of aerated concrete wall and comparison with field experimentFitsum Tariku
Investigation of the moisture buffering potential of magnesium oxide boardFitsum Tariku
Verification and validationFitsum Tariku
Use of hygrothermal numerical modeling to identify optimal retrofit options for high-rise buildingsFitsum Tariku
Energy rating of polyurethane spray foamed wallsFitsum Tariku
Hygrothermal performance of exterior wall systems using an innovative vapour retarder in Canadian climateFitsum Tariku
Hygrothermal performance of RH-dependent vapour retarder in Canadian coastal climateFitsum Tariku
Evaluation of the thermal performance of innovative pre-fabricated wall systems through field testingFitsum Tariku
EE13-2 development and benchmarking of a new whole building hygrothermal model Fitsum Tariku
NRC-IRC develops evaluation protocol for innovative vapour barrierFitsum Tariku
Development and benchmarking of a new hygrothermal modelFitsum Tariku
Thermostat setback effect in whole building performanceFitsum Tariku
Hygrothermal properties of exterior claddings, sheathing boards, membranes and insulation materials for building envelope designFitsum Tariku
Simulation of wind-driven rain effects on the performance of a stucco-clad wallFitsum Tariku
Hygrothermal performance of ventilated attic in marine climate under different ceiling air tightnessFitsum Tariku
Indoor humidity levels of houses in Pacific coastal climateFitsum Tariku
Improved dynamic friction models for simulation of one-dimensional and two-dimensional stick-slip motionFitsum Tariku
Moisture response of sheathing board in conventional and rain-screen wall systems with shiplap claddingFitsum Tariku
Attic baffle size and vent configuration impacts on attic ventilationFitsum Tariku
Experimental investigation of the wetting and drying potentials of wood frame walls subjected to vapor diffusion and wind-driven rain loadsFitsum Tariku
A computation of U-Factor for an entire vented attic assembly using a 2D modelFitsum Tariku
Effect of attic insulation thickness and solar gain in a mild climateFitsum Tariku
Phase change material's (PCM) impacts on the energy performance and thermal comfort of buildings in a mild climateFitsum Tariku
Experimental investigation of moisture transfer between concrete foundation and sill plateFitsum Tariku
Temperature and air flow patterns in attic roofsFitsum Tariku
Performance-risk analysis for the design of high-performance affordable homesFitsum Tariku
Heat, air and moisture transport properties of several North American bricks and mortar mixesFitsum Tariku
Heat, air and moisture transport properties of three North American stuccosFitsum Tariku
Application of hygrothermal modeling tool to assess moisture response of exterior wallsFitsum Tariku
Assessment of energy rating of polyurethane spray foam wallsFitsum Tariku
Integrated analysis of whole building heat, air and moisture transferFitsum Tariku
The need for an accurate indoor humidity model for building envelope performance analysisFitsum Tariku
Hygrothermal performance assessment of vented and ventilated wall systemsFitsum Tariku
Preliminary results from field experimental study of rain load and penetration into wood-frame wall systems at window sill defectsFitsum Tariku
Temperature and humidity distributions in mid-rise residential building suitesFitsum Tariku
Determination of indoor humidity profile using a whole-building hygrothermal modelFitsum Tariku
Transient model for coupled heat, air and moisture transfer through multilayered porous mediaFitsum Tariku
Application of a Whole-Building Hygrothermal model in energy, durability, and indoor humidity retrofit designFitsum Tariku
Seasonal indoor humidity levels of apartment suites in a mild coastal climateFitsum Tariku
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