How to Submit Student Work, Capstone Projects, Posters, Papers to the BCIT Institutional Repository

All Submissions Must Include Signed Form LIB-73
Consent for BCIT Library to Retain Student Work – Form LIB-73 Institutional Repository Non-exclusive Distribution License
Enables BCIT to license (obtain permission) from not only BCIT students to publish student work, but also from BCIT staff and faculty to upload submitted materials and publish these electronically on the Internet via the Institute’s Institutional Repository (IR) and to also convert submitted material to alternate formats for purposes of security, back-up and preservation.

Tips on Submitting Student Capstone Projects, Papers and Posters:
We accept digital files only. Student capstone project papers and posters can vary in template style and components. We can accommodate works with multiple digital items attached; executive reports, plans, and drawings, or standard papers with small bibliographies. File formats most common are PDF, PPT, and DOC
Some important things to consider before submitting :

  • Ensure the student submit a signed LIB-73 Institutional Repository Non-exclusive Distribution License  This step seems to work best when the student is notified early in the term that open access publishing will be the end goal of the assignment. The author (the student) retains copyright, but allows BCIT to publish their work.
  • Make sure confidential information is not in the work (no student ID / A numbers, or sponsored confidential intellectual property)
  • Make sure the author (the student) has permission to publish any copyrighted materials included in the work
  • Not every student work needs to be published. It is acceptable, and widely practiced, to select the best ones for submission. Students should have the choice of opting-out of submission, for their own reasons.

Contact Cindy McLellan by email if you are interested in submitting material to the open access BCIT Institutional Repository.

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