Fitsum Tariku

Research Interests

  • Building Science
  • Building Engineering
  • Building Energy Modelling

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Fitsum Tariku, Ph.D.
Bachelor's Degree (Mechanical Engineering)
Master's Degree (Mechanical Engineering)
Ph.D. (Building Engineering)
Canada Research Chair in Whole-Building Performance

Dr. Fitsum Tariku's experimental and computer modeling research program spans from materials and building envelope systems right through to whole-building performance analysis. Currently, he is working on material property measurements and characterizations; hygrothermal modeling and measurements of building envelope systems; and integrated analysis of whole-building performances. He aims to develop a comprehensive building optimization and decision-making tool that integrates whole-building simulation, risk assessment and cost-benefit analysis, with the objective of designing a building that is energy efficient, durable, economical, environmentally friendly, and provides comfortable and healthy indoor air quality to occupants.

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