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BCIT Institutional Repository

BCIT Library NonCon: the Information Literacy Non-Conference
Presentations from the Information Literacy Non-Conference held at BCIT Library on April 22, 2016. Focus: how to make information literacy instruction more effective and innovative.
BCIT Citations Collection
Collection of published works from BCIT researchers, faculty, and instructors.
BCIT Faculty, Instructors and Researchers
BCIT Faculty, Instructor and Researchers.
Fish, Wildlife and Recreation (FWR) Collection
The Fish, Wildlife and Recreation (FWR) program at BCIT has been operating since 1969. The program has an international reputation for "field oriented" learning and applied research. Created in partnership with the department, this Special Collection contains in-depth student research reports and over 130 colour photographs.
Master of Science in Ecological Restoration Applied Research Projects
This is Canada’s first master’s program specializing in Ecological Restoration and is offered as a joint program between British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) and Simon Fraser University (SFU). The MSc in Ecological Restoration combines the strong technical and applied (experiential) knowledge at BCIT with SFU’s fundamental (contextual) basic science and community engagement expertise.
Sustainable Business Leadership
Capstone papers from BCIT’s Advanced Certificate in Sustainable Business Leadership. Sustainable Business Leadership studies the issues and skills concerning sustainability at non-governmental organizations, community organizations, social enterprises, and socially and environmentally conscious companies around the globe.