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Engine Room Simulator Manual for the Dual Fuel Steam Propulsion Plant
The intention of this Manual is to supplement any Marine Engineering Knowledge course that contain Steam Knowledge component. The exercises will bring hands on element into theoretical study with high degree of fidelity. It would be particular useful to the students involved into Marine Engineering Cadet Program in their year 3 and 4 of studies. It is assumed that students are familiar with the work station keyboard lay out, function keys, starting up procedure, managing alarms and saving exercises from the previous experience with MC 90 Simulator., Not peer reviewed, Textbook
Marine Propulsion Plant Simulator
The broader theoretical concepts that students learn in the classroom are better understood by them if they carry out pre-programmed hands on exercises in the Engine simulator, as sometimes the subject textbooks or videos don’t address these concepts directly. The primary purpose of this project was to design and develop simulator lab exercises (SIM LABS) that could be used as ancillary resources for all Propulsion plant simulator courses as well as Engineering knowledge courses. Propulsion plant simulator course Instructors have limited time to lecture on the basic concepts of engineering and yet have to offer practical operational skills to our students, so having many pre-programmed SIM LABS which students can load and work on their own time would help them to practice and enhance their understanding of the systems and prepare them to handle various malfunctions in the plant in a timely and safe manner. I consider this project as a first step in creating multiple Simlabs starting with one for Main Engine combustion malfunctions and adding more to the data bank in pressbook. Through this project I also want to introduce the students to what is available for them in Open Educational Resources (OER) and Open Education in general especially pressbook., Textbook, Not peer reviewed