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CIVL 7090 Capstone Design Projects

Report No. CECDP – 2015/01 Clearbrook Interchange Improvement Project, Abbotsford, BC
Parts: Volume I - Client Report. Volume II - Appendices. Volume III - Drawings. The project described in the attached design report consists of the design for two new roundabouts, an overpass, the geotechnical analysis of the site, the drainage plan, and the construction sequencing plans. We, the undersigned, declare that the work presented in this draft submission is entirely original, and has been done by us, independently as well as together, so each of us has a complete understanding of the calculations and results presented.
Report No. CECDP – 2015/02 Design of Hat Lake Forestry Service Road Report.
Includes Title Page (2 pages) and Report (119 pages). Clear Cut Consulting (CCC) Ltd. design report, drawings and appendices for the design of the Hat Lake Forestry Service Road located at Fort St. James, BC. The following design report includes: + hydrologic analysis of stream crossing Site 7a and Site 10, + survey data processing of Hat Lake Road, + road alignment and forest road crossing design, + alternative alignment evaluation, + superstructure design at Site 10, + substructure analysis and design at Site 10, + environmental and erosion analysis, + sustainability considerations, + construction scheduling and cost.
Report No. CECDP – 2015/03 Daylighting of Guichon Creek
Parts: Volume 1 - Report. Volume 2 - Appendices. DOMS & Associates Ltd. Capstone Design Project report outlines the work completed for our group’s project, Daylighting Guichon Creek. This project was conducted to explore possible solutions to civil engineering problems that would arise from daylighting the creek through BCIT’s campus.
Report No. CECDP – 2015/04 Design of a Pipeline Bridge in Northern BC
Team Moja is pleased to provide you the Final Report on the Design of a Pipeline Bridge in Northern BC. This project was to design a 70 m aerial pipeline crossing over a creek within an active floodplain in Northern BC. The work consisted of the design of the superstructure and substructure to support the pipeline, a recommended construction plan, and an erosion protection plan. The final design is a modified Warren truss composed of a 40 m and 30 m span. The truss is made up of HSS rectangular and square sections with welded connections. Three concrete piers support the bridge superstructure with driven piles. The substructure is protected by launching riprap from the migrating watercourse. BMPs were implemented for the recommended construction plan to ensure the effects of work activities are minimized in the protection of fish and wildlife habitats. Parts: 81 pages (Design Report), 211 pages (Appendices), 7 pages (Appendix L), 2 pages (Appendix M), 2 pages (Cover - Design and Construction Package - Appendix).
Report No. CECDP – 2015/05 Design of a Water Treatment System for the Ryan Epps Home for Children in Haiti
Design for a full-scale water treatment system for the Ryan Epps Home for Children in Haiti. This design has been based on the construction and testing of a pilot scale ultrafiltration system built at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Using existing site conditions in Haiti provided by our sponsor, and empirically obtained data from the pilot system, Optimus has developed a unique design solution. The design solution presented by Optimus was developed with considerations made for alternative options and long term sustainability. The design report prepared outlines the project background, methodology, relevant design specifications, and recommendations. In addition to design recommendations, Optimus has included an implementation plan, a business plan, and an operating manual to accompany the full-scale system model. Estimated project costs, and potential areas for further project development and testing have also been identified. Parts: Vol. 1 - Design Report. Vol. 2 - Appendices.
Report No. CECDP – 2015/06 Design for a Subdivision in Maple Ridge, BC
Report for the design of a subdivision in Maple Ridge, BC. The design of the subdivision encompasses a wide range of civil engineering disciplines, including but not limited to, geotechnical, municipal, structural, and transportation. Included with the report are engineering drawings, sample calculations, and guidelines used for design. Parts: Volume 1 - Report (138 pages), Volume 2 - Appendices (606 pages), Volume 3 - Drawings (45 pages).