Silvia Raschke

Research Interests

  • Assistive Technology and Human Factors
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Prosthetics, Orthotics and Orthopaedic Appliances


Project Leader

Dr. Raschke is a research faculty member at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Her research gives voice to the end users of products, processes or policies to ensure that the communities she works with are represented and have their needs met. She does this by employing evidence based practices to explore and organize how people in the community are impacted by product design, standards of practice (or lack thereof) and policy impact those people so that product design, process design and policy development is practical, implementable and actually support those who have to make things happen on the front line, on the shop floor or in their homes. Her two areas of specialty are rehabilitation engineering with a focus on prosthetic and orthotic design in support the clinicians and patients and first responders with a focus on police and the police dog service. Dr. Raschke serves on a variety of professional and educational committees and is a Board Member and past Vice President of the BCIT Faculty and Staff Association, in addition to being a member of the BCIT Emergency Response Team.


PhD (Prosthetics and Orthotics) Strathclyde University
BA (Psychology) UBC
Diploma (Prosthetics and Orthotics) BCIT


Thranhardt Best Paper 2013

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