David Holloway

The effects of gene recruitment on the evolvability and robustness of pattern-forming gene networksDavid Holloway
Design of a dynamic model of genes with multiple autonomous regulatory modules by evolutionary computationsDavid Holloway
Retroviral genetic algorithmsDavid Holloway
New approaches to designing genes by evolution in the computerDavid Holloway
Evolution in silico of genes with multiple regulatory modules on the example of the Drosophila segmentation gene hunchbackDavid Holloway
Gene expression noise in embryonic spatial patterningDavid Holloway
Mid-embryo patterning and precision in Drosophila segmentationDavid Holloway
Stochastic dynamics of gene expression in developing fly embryosDavid Holloway
Noise in the segmentation gene network of Drosophila, with implications for mechanisms of body axis specificationDavid Holloway
Making the body planDavid Holloway
Analysis of pattern precision shows that Drosophila segmentation develops substantial independence from gradients of maternal gene productsDavid Holloway
Spatial bistability generates hunchback expression sharpness in the drosophila embryoDavid Holloway
Measuring gene expression noise in early drosophila embryosDavid Holloway
Experimental determination of intrinsic drosophila embryo coordinates by evolutionary computationDavid Holloway
Shaped singular spectrum analysis for quantifying gene expression, with application to the early drosophila embryoDavid Holloway
Shaped 3D singular spectrum analysis for quantifying gene expression, with application to the early zebrafish embryoDavid Holloway
Recruiting new genes in evolving genetic networksDavid Holloway
Pattern selection in plantsDavid Holloway
The chemical kinetics of shape determination in plantsDavid Holloway
Dynamic regulation of growing domains for elongating and branching morphogenesis in plantsDavid Holloway
A quantitative study of cotyledon positioning in conifer developmentDavid Holloway
Evolutionary techniques for image processing a large dataset of early drosophila gene expressionDavid Holloway
In silico evolution of the hunchback gene indicates redundancy in cis-regulatory organization and spatial gene expressionDavid Holloway
Evolutionary design of gene networksDavid Holloway
Using EA to study the evolution of GRNs controlling biological developmentDavid Holloway
Suppression of positional errors in biological developmentDavid Holloway
Sharp borders from fuzzy gradientsDavid Holloway
Variable patterning in fruit fly embryos due to basins of attraction in underlying gene regulatory dynamicsDavid Holloway
In silico evolution of gene cooption in pattern-forming gene networksDavid Holloway
Modeling the evolution of gene regulatory networks for spatial patterning in embryo developmentDavid Holloway
Using evolutionary computations to understand the design and evolution of gene and cell regulatory networksDavid Holloway
Transcriptional bursting in drosophila developmentDavid Holloway
Computations of post-inductive dynamics in axolotl heart formationDavid Holloway
Algal morphogenesisDavid Holloway
Maintaining apical dominance in the fern gametophyteDavid Holloway
Gene expression noise in spatial patterningDavid Holloway
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