Jaimie Borisoff

Developing safe fall strategies for lower limb exoskeletonsJaimie Borisoff
Concept proposal for a detachable exoskeleton-wheelchair to improve mobility and healthJaimie Borisoff
Development of an integrated staircase lift for home accessJaimie Borisoff
The Smartphone Peer Physical Activity Counseling (SPPAC) program for manual wheelchair usersJaimie Borisoff
Spinal cord injury and type 2 diabetesJaimie Borisoff
MobiSenseJaimie Borisoff
Feasibility of sensory tongue stimulation combined with task-specific therapy in people with spinal cord injuryJaimie Borisoff
A survey of stakeholder perspectives on exoskeleton technologyJaimie Borisoff
Optimal scaling of weight and waist circumference to height for adiposity and cardiovascular disease risk in individuals with spinal cord injuryJaimie Borisoff
Dynamic wheeled mobilityJaimie Borisoff
Relationship between neurological disorders and heart diseaseJaimie Borisoff
A Canada-wide survey of chronic respiratory disease and spinal cord injuryJaimie Borisoff
Schwann cells generated from neonatal skin-derived precursors or neonatal peripheral nerve improve functional recovery after acute transplantation into the partially injured cervical spinal cord of the ratJaimie Borisoff
Quantifying the effects of on-the-fly changes of seating configuration on the stability of a manual wheelchairJaimie Borisoff
A comparative study on generating training-data for self-paced brain interfacesJaimie Borisoff
Endogenous TrkB ligands suppress functional mechanosensory plasticity in the deafferented spinal cordJaimie Borisoff
The development of an ultralight wheelchair with dynamic seatingJaimie Borisoff
Initial evaluation of the FreeWheel™ wheelchair attachmentJaimie Borisoff
A scoping review of data logger technologies used with manual wheelchairsJaimie Borisoff
Development and pilot testing of a kneeling ultralight wheelchair designJaimie Borisoff
Characterizing the community use of an ultralight wheelchair with "on the fly" adjustable seating functionsJaimie Borisoff
Cardiovascular disease and spinal cord injuryJaimie Borisoff
Current trends in brain-computer interface research at the Neil Squire foundationJaimie Borisoff
Brain-computer interface design for asynchronous control applicationsJaimie Borisoff
Real-time control of a video game with a direct brain-computer interface Jaimie Borisoff
Rho-kinase inhibition enhances axonal plasticity and attenuates cold hyperalgesia after dorsal rhizotomyJaimie Borisoff
Deafferentation and neurotrophin-mediated intraspinal sproutingJaimie Borisoff
Brain interface research for asynchronous control applicationsJaimie Borisoff
Detection and classification of sensory information from acute spinal cord recordingsJaimie Borisoff
Protracted myelin clearance hinders central primary afferent regeneration following dorsal rhizotomy and delayed neurotrophin-3 treatmentJaimie Borisoff
The impact of spinal cord injury on sexual functionJaimie Borisoff
Spinal cord injury influences psychogenic as well as physical components of female sexual abilityJaimie Borisoff
Long-term effects of spinal cord injury on sexual function in menJaimie Borisoff
Active-arm passive-leg exercise improves cardiovascular function in spinal cord injuryJaimie Borisoff
Fibroblast growth factor treatment produces differential effects on survival and neurite outgrowth from identified bulbospinal neurons in vitroJaimie Borisoff
Raphe-spinal neurons display an age-dependent differential capacity for neurite outgrowth compared to other brainstem-spinal populationsJaimie Borisoff
Molecular targets for therapeutic intervention after spinal cord injuryJaimie Borisoff
Suppression of Rho-kinase activity promotes axonal growth on inhibitory CNS substratesJaimie Borisoff
Dynamic wheelchair seating positions impact cardiovascular function after spinal cord injuryJaimie Borisoff
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