Hassan Farhangi

Real-time adaptive optimization engine algorithm for integrated Volt/VAr optimization and conservation voltage reduction of smart microgridsHassan Farhangi
Smart microgridsHassan Farhangi
A roadmap to integrationHassan Farhangi
Students use new lab to test electrical and cybersecurity systemsHassan Farhangi
Cyber-Security vulnerabilities: an impediment against further development of Smart GridHassan Farhangi
Smart Grid and ICT's role in its evolutionHassan Farhangi
The path of the smart gridHassan Farhangi
Intelligent Micro Grid research at BCITHassan Farhangi
Community Energy Storage impacts on smart grid adaptive Volt-VAR Optimization of distribution networksHassan Farhangi
Maintenance scheduling of Volt-VAR control assets in smart distribution networks using advanced metering infrastructureHassan Farhangi
Quasi real-time ZIP load modeling for Conservation Voltage Reduction of smart distribution networks using disaggregated AMI dataHassan Farhangi
A novel Volt-VAR Optimization engine for smart distribution networks utilizing Vehicle to Grid dispatchHassan Farhangi
Real-time adaptive VVO/CVR topology using multi-agent system and IEC 61850-based communication protocolHassan Farhangi
Communication technologies for BCIT Smart MicrogridHassan Farhangi
Low voltage distribution substation integration in smart MicrogridHassan Farhangi
Smart grid adaptive volt-VAR optimizationHassan Farhangi
Real-time co-simulation platform for Smart Grid Volt-VAR Optimization using IEC 61850Hassan Farhangi
Smart grid adaptive energy conservation and optimization engine utilizing Particle Swarm Optimization and FuzzificationHassan Farhangi
Impact of EV penetration on Volt–VAR Optimization of distribution networks using real-time co-simulation monitoring platformHassan Farhangi
Real-time communication platform for Smart Grid adaptive Volt-VAR Optimization of distribution networksHassan Farhangi
Real-time co-simulated platform for novel Volt-VAR Optimization of smart distribution network using AMI dataHassan Farhangi
Predictive algorithm for Volt/VAR optimization of distribution networks using Neural NetworksHassan Farhangi
Impact of V2G on real-time adaptive Volt/VAr optimization of distribution networksHassan Farhangi
Multi-agent control system for real-time adaptive VVO/CVR in Smart SubstationHassan Farhangi
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