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Open Education Events and Workshops

Food for Thought - Faculty in the Open: Creating Open Educational Resources
To celebrate Open Access Week, we joined open education grant recipients John Dian and Sabrina Cornish who talked about their work in open education. Both have collaborated with colleagues to create multiple openly licensed learning resources including books focusing on Internet of Things, a microbiology video series, and an animal dissection image collection.
The future is open
"Open educational practices" is a broad term that encompasses the creation and adoption of open textbooks and other open educational resources, open course development, and the use of “non-disposable assignments." This presentation will make a case for why the move away from traditional (closed) practices is not only desirable but inevitable, and how students, faculty, institutions, and our communities all stand to benefit greatly from this transformation., Videorecording
Open educational resources trades webinar uuid: c88a5055-30d8-4cdc-b9d4-14e72999f164 Open Educational Resources Trades Webinar took place on February 20, 2019. The webinar was hosted by BCcampus and the British Columbia Institute of Technology. As open educational practices (OEP) continue to challenge and change higher education, Vocational Education and Trades could be seen as late to the party. Yet as an educational system that teaches hands-on skills, analytical thinking, problem-solving, and troubleshooting, vocational education fits nicely with the theories and practice of open pedagogy. In this workshop, Amanda Coolidge (BCcampus) introduces the concepts of Open Educational Resources (OER) and Open Educational Practices (OEP). Amanda will discuss some of the initiatives taking place in OER and discuss the many benefits institutions experience in the use of both OER and OEP. Amanda’s introduction to OER and OEP is followed by Amanda by Chad Flinn (BCIT) who will discuss his use of OER and OEP in his own practice of teaching in the trades. Chad will discuss and showcase some of the resources he and his students have co-created as well as discuss the tools that are available to vocational instructors., Webinar recording, Open educational resources, Open pedagogy, Trades