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ABC region
Using a biophysical framework of analysis, this paper investigates the interconnections between the political, economic, social and environmental aspects of the de-industrialization of the ABC Region. Particular focus is given to the automobile sector and the responses of civil society and local government to the regional impacts of de-industrialization brought about by global forces. Questions about the role of social networks and the efficacy of government responses are addressed in the paper’s conclusion., Research paper, Published.
Evidence-based solution to information sharing between criminal justice agencies
This paper originates from a project done for and with the assistance of the Operations Strategy Branch, E Division, Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The aim of this study was to test a technological solution to two traditional limitations of information sharing between criminal justice agencies: data quality and privacy concerns. Entity Analytics Software (EAS) was tested in two studies with North American criminal justice agencies. In the first test, duplicated cases held in a police record system were successfully identified (4.0%) to a greater extent than the traditionally used software program (1.5%). This resulted in a difference of 11,954 cases that otherwise would not have been identified as duplications. In the second test, entity information held separately by police and border officials was shared anonymously between these two organizations. This resulted in 1,827 alerts regarding entities that appeared in both systems; traditionally, this information could not have been shared, given privacy concerns, and neither criminal justice agency would be aware of the relevant information held by the other. Data duplication resulted in an additional 1,041 alerts, which highlights the need to use technological solutions to improve data quality prior to and during information sharing. While only one potential technological solution (EAS) was tested and organizations must consider the potential expense associated with implementing such technology, the implications resulting from both studies for improved awareness and greater efficiency support and facilitate information sharing between criminal justice organizations., Research paper, Published.