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Application of a Whole-Building Hygrothermal model in energy, durability, and indoor humidity retrofit design
A building shall be classified as high performance building if it is energy efficient and durable and at the same time provides comfortable and healthy indoor environment for occupants. To achieve this objective, the hygrothermal performance of alternative building designs should be evaluated based on the simultaneous analysis of these three functional requirements rather than separately. In this article, a Whole-Building Hygrothermal model is used for evaluation of various retrofit design parameters that potentially enhance the overall performance of an existing residential house. The retrofit options considered in this study include changes to the reference house’s ventilation rate and operation, windows, insulation level, and various combinations of these options. Energy efficiency, building envelope and moisture management potential, indoor humidity control, and window condensation potentials are considered to be the four performance indicators in searching for a retrofit option that delivers an optimal performance. The hygrothermal simulation results indicate that changing a design parameter to improve one of the design goals may result in less optimal results in the other one or both goals, or even in some cases result in severe negative consequences., Peer reviewed article, Published. Article first published online: February 27, 2014; Issue published: July 1, 2015 .
The marihuana indoor production calculator
The clandestine nature of illicit indoor marihuana production makes is difficult to measure the true extent of marihuana cultivation in a given policing jurisdiction. As a result, law enforcement must rely on estimations in order to understand the scale of the problem in terms of the number of growing operations, the number of growers, or the monetary value of the industry. This article describes an online estimation tool that was developed to aid law enforcement in the estimation of the annual production, domestic sale, exportation, and total value of marihuana produced in commercial growing operations within a given jurisdiction., Research article, Published.