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BCIT Citations Collection

Fundamental methods of mathematical economics
4th edition., Book, Published.
Introductory mathematics for computer science
4th custom edition., Not peer reviewed, Book, Published.
Introductory mathematics for computer science
3rd custom edition for BCIT., Published., Peer reviewed, Book
Introductory mathematics for computer science
Taken from: Basic technical mathematics : with calculus, metric version, seventh edition by Allyn J. Washington, Logic and computer design fundamentals, second edition, updated by M. Morris Mano and Charles R. Kime. Custom edition for British Columbia Institute of Technology., Book, Published., Peer reviewed
The rise of living architecture
"Gives voice to more than fifty extraordinary people who are currently engaged with this transformation. These individuals form a diverse community that cuts across professional disciplines, cultural, linguistic and gergraphical boundaries. They share a belief that they can make a difference through their varied efforts to expand living architectural approaches that result in biophilic, restorative buildings and healthier and more resilient communities." Profiles more than 50 of the hundreds of leaders that have created the base and molded the foundation of living architecture., Book, Published.
Smart microgrids
The utility sector's transition to renewable energy and the smart grid has already begun. The first step towards smart grid is microgrid, which is a smaller electricity grid with access to all the essential assets of a larger grid. This book provides a glimpse into an actual microgrid project. It supplies a system-level approach to the design of smart Microgrids, covering the entire design process-from roadmap to realization. Detailing lessons learned and pitfalls to avoid in Microgrid technology, the book provides an interdisciplinary approach to design and problem solving for smart microgrids., Book, Published.