Aaron Hunter

Dynamic plan management in the context of a recognized air pictureAaron Hunter
Modelling cryptographic protocols in a theory of actionAaron Hunter
Belief modeling for maritime surveillanceAaron Hunter
On the representation and verification of cryptographic protocols in a theory of actionAaron Hunter
Arbitrary announcements in propositional belief revisionAaron Hunter
Trust-sensitive belief revisionAaron Hunter
Belief change with uncertain action historiesAaron Hunter
Ordinal conditional functions for nearly counterfactual revisionAaron Hunter
Spectrum hierarchies and subdiagonal functionsAaron Hunter
Adding modal operators to the action language AAaron Hunter
Limiting cases for spectrum closure resultsAaron Hunter
Using ranking functions to determine plausible action historiesAaron Hunter
Iterated belief changeAaron Hunter
Belief change in the context of fallible actions and observationsAaron Hunter
An action description language for iterated belief changeAaron Hunter
An explicit model of belief change for cryptographic protocol verificationAaron Hunter
Belief change and cryptographic protocol verificationAaron Hunter
Iterated belief change due to actions and observationsAaron Hunter
Structured documentsAaron Hunter
Belief revision on modal accessibility relationsAaron Hunter
Ranking functions for belief changeAaron Hunter
Belief revision and trustAaron Hunter
Belief manipulation and message meaning for protocol analysisAaron Hunter
Exploring power storage profiles for vehicle to grid systemsAaron Hunter
On keeping secretsAaron Hunter
Exploiting known vulnerabilities of a smart thermostatAaron Hunter
Mobile forensics for cloud dataAaron Hunter
A logical approach to promoting trust over knowledge to trust over actionAaron Hunter
Belief manipulation through propositional announcementsAaron Hunter
Security and trust for surveillance camerasAaron Hunter
Trust as a precursor to belief revisionAaron Hunter
Bluetooth for decoy systemsAaron Hunter
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