Taco Niet


Taco is an expert in Energy Systems Modelling. He graduated with his M.A.Sc. from the University of Victoria in 2002 and completed the requirements for his Ph.D. in the fall of 2018. His research focusses on addressing systemic challenges in the energy system including integration of variable renewables and working with emerging economies. Specific research interests include sustainable development, energy systems modelling and optimization and wind and solar energy. He feels strongly that we need to focus on the sustainability of the entire energy system and not assume that a specific project is sustainable just because it is labelled ‘renewable’, ‘clean’ or ‘green’.

Taco has been teaching mechanical engineering at BCIT since 2003. His specific areas of expertise, in addition to sustainability and energy systems, include instrumentation and measurement for mechanical systems and strength of materials. When Taco is not teaching or exploring energy systems he enjoys sailing on his 27 foot sailboat.

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